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Eradicate the existence of under-funded programs/projects! Irrationally passionate about causes that change our communities! 

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We want to increase the quality of life of the people who inhabit this world, promote support in our society, make the culture of grants available to everyone, promoting security and knowledge of the opportunities with grants.

We strive to achieve a world in which there are for all the same opportunities, in which technology and knowledge are used to improve people's lives, in which innovation is social and progress is supportive. We recognize the work of those involved in making this world a better place, supporting their initiatives.

Our Programs

Any profits that are made with our products and services go directly back into our outreach programs  with different focus areas.

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Our Products

 We have a variety of fun and exciting guides, trainings, workshops and conferences that help us fund-raise and secure Money for Your Mission! 

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Our Programs


17 cities over the next 10 months. Teaching a 2-day comprehensive grant foundation course. 

Covid Outreach

With this program we partner with innovative companies to give people an opportunity to be secure through these moments of uncertainity.

For Kids

Mentoring, training and creating the next great financial leaders through games, outings, workshops!

My Icon Cares

Events with top ICONS across the country connecting with causes that they care about in our communities!

My Government Official Cares

Events with top government officials with causes that they care about in our communities!

Underserved Fundraising

Funding great organizations that change our communities!

CEO Reconnect

Outings with top CEOs to reconnect with causes that matter to them in our communities!

My Company Cares

Seminars and workshops on corporate responsibility. Education for companies on how to increase their social impact score!

Cause Drivin & Marketing

 3 great cities in Q1 of 2020. 2 day- conferences on advanced fundraising for causes that change our communities! 

Disaster Assistance

Financial assistance and volunteering to rebuild these communities after a devastating natural disaster. Hurricanes, Tornado's, Fires, Tropical Storms are all tragic events that effect our communities!

Veteran Support

We help Veterans on their journey! We help of Money for their Mission with verteran specific competitions and starting organization that will serve our communities. 

My ProStar Cares

Events with top professional athletes across the country connecting with causes that they care about in our communities!

Victim Relief

Financial support and comfort to victims in our communities of mass shootings, violence or brutality of any kind. These events can happen to any of us on any day, so we want to show victims we support them and their families!

Prison Outreach

In this program we partner with innovative companies to give inmates an opportunity to be productive while incarcerated. Then a fair second chance once they get out. This makes our communities stronger. 

Cause Centers

We partner with apartment complex owners, commercial facility owners, strip mall owners, co-working spaces to utilize their space when uninhabited. Our partner organizations find ways to serve their residents, tenants or clients to positively impact communities. 

Healthcare Support

As our communities get older we want to make sure they have the valid healthcare they need. We partner with healthcare professionals on seminars and workshops to ensure that our communities are getting taken care of. 

Grant Source Live

 Facebook and Youtube show showcasing impactful non-profits and the work that they are doing in the community! We also showcase Grant Sources that are giving toward certain initiatives!

Learn how to get Money For Your Mission and expand your impact helping people in need!


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